About myself:

Minimalist, C/C++ lover, Linux fanboy, Docker/container guru, networking expert, white-hat/blue-team
PGP Key: 0xAB689BB7 (3315 52D9 79DF D7B3 51DD 328D 1BF7 E603 AB68 9BB7)

A bunch of URLs you may find useful:

Teamspeak 3
choopm rev-proxy
Core server status (Netdata)
CubieTruck status (Netdata)
RaspberryPi3 status (Netdata)
Router status (Grafana)
FFNW status (Meshviewer)
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If you don't know what to expect at this site, keep passing by. Probably nothing is of interest to you here.

If you wonder why only you can't access any service:
The whole infrastructure 0pointer.org is protected by IDS/IPS,
it's likely you did something evil, e.g port scanning, brute forcing.
Therefore you might be banned for 24hrs.
Still loving you <3.

int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) {
    int *a = 0;
    return *a;

# ./a.out